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Moving your family from struggle

to Cooperation

Breakthrough Parenting®: Now being offered by

Joyce Kearin, LCSW, CBPI, English  


A 12-lesson parenting course designed to increase your skills and knowledge as a parent. Emphasis is on developing parent/child self-esteem, using discipline to teach children, resolving conflict effectively, promoting self-control vs. parental control, understanding how children think and having age-appropriate expectations. Modules of Sexual Abuse Awareness and Domestic Violence Education have also been added to the program. 

The goal of the course is helping parents learn tools and techniques to promote loving, thinking, responsible and confident children.



Joyce Kearin, LCSW, CBPI 
Breakthrough Parenting®



Antelope Valley Counseling

43845-10th Street West, Suite 1-B  

Lancaster, CA 93534


Between J-8 and Ave. K




Book & Workbook                 $40

Enrollment Fee                    $20

Session Fee                            $20


1. Three Approaches to Raising Chldren

2.    Making the Shift  

3.    Understanding the Source of Behavior

4.    Teaching Responsibility

5.    Helping Children Build Healthy Self-Esteem

6.    Communicating Effectively

7.    Influencing Children Positively

8.    Problems with Punishment

9.    Discipline with Love

10.  How Children Think

11.  Learning to Love

12.  Reducing Stress in the Family

13.  Resolving Family Conflicts

14.  Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence Awareness

15.  Cooperative Parenting and write a Parenting Plan




   Joyce Kearin, LCSW, CBPI

​LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & MSW - Master's in Social Work from California State University - Bakersfield

CBPI - Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor






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